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Photo of Jade

Jade is a very friendly outgoing 7 year old who loves being the center of attention. The covers strike up many conversations from both her peers’ and other people. They are colorful and unique. This feeds right into her vibrant personality.

Jade, Dana Point, California

Making a difference one cover at a time Select ours or create your own.

That's right. We now have officially sanctioned NASCAR
wheel covers
. Like our standard covers, they are:




(for a pair of covers including spoke guards)

Select from these official NASCAR designs featured below.

Order a second pair of covers with your initial purchase for only $95.




(for those who have spoke guards) Spoke guards are not included with this purchase price.

Note: Our standard covers do not have a center hole. However, we will include one at no extra charge. Just let us know what size you need and will be happy to create it for you. If you have a non-standard size push rim please let us know and will work with you to get the right size covers.

A portion of our proceeds are donated to World Vision.  World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization serving the world's poorest children and families in nearly 100 countries."

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