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“I have gotten countless compliments on the adorable wheel covers on my daughter’s wheelchair. I always try to dress her cute, to give her that extra something, and the wheelchair wheel covers complete the package perfectly. We love them!”

Kim, Virginia Beach, VA

Making a difference one cover at a time Strap them on and go.

Our covers are created for easy installation. They fit snugly over the spoke guards which then attach to the spokes with Velcro straps. All this can be done without removing the wheels from your chair. Refer to the Measure tab above, for instructions on how to measure correctly and for a chart of standard wheel sizes.

To install covers, see instructions below or watch our video.

A. Stretch the cover around the spoke guard on the side not containing the Velcro straps.

B. Ensure the Velcro straps are clear of the elastic edges of the cover.

C. Place the spoke guard inside the push rim and attach to the spokes using the Velcro straps.

Note: If you have a non-standard size push rim please let us know and Wheels Of Fun will work with you to get the right size covers.

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